Sodium reduction made easy

sub4salt® is a patented mineral salt blend which helps to reduce sodium without compromising taste.

sub4salt® is not just another contemporary way to improve healthy outcomes. A 1:1 replacement of salt by sub4salt® or sub4salt® plus 50 allows sodium reduction up to 50% whilst achieving identical functionality in finished products. sub4salt® cure is a real solution for reducing sodium in cured meat products such as sausage bologna-type, ham and salami without sacrificing an ounce of taste.


Beyond sodium chloride

What ingredients make sub4salt® so innovative?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) is the "common salt" that everyone uses in the kitchen. Sodium chloride has a common salty taste and functionality. 

It is the common challenge of salt replacers that they aim to reduce sodium content but at the same time retain the salty flavour. One option for replacing salt is potassium chloride (KCl), which is the natural counterpart of sodium chloride. However, it has a somewhat bitter and metallic taste. The superior taste of sub4salt® is achieved by the masking properties of sodium gluconate which covers off-notes of the potassium salt. This salt also occurs naturally in the human body and fermented foods.

sub4salt® offers a diverse product range

Our substitutes allow a sodium reduction of up to 50%

sub4salt® is available in different grades. Applications for our salt replacements are bakery, cereals, snacks, confectionery, dairy, dairy alternatives, flavours, meat alternatives, meat, seafood, plant-based products, ready meals, instant food, sauces, dressings, seasonings and table top products.

Product specifications are available upon request.

Salt shaker glass
N1000 / sea salt
salt replacement
Sub4Salt | Sea Salt/Sub4Salt | Rock Salt
sub4salt pot
plus 50
salt replacement
Sub4Salt | Rock Salt
Salt teaspoons
cure 05 / 09
salt replacement
Sub4Salt | Rock Salt

What are the medical aspects?

How substituting salt is beneficial to our health

Although sodium is an essential nutrient, excessive consumption may lead to high blood pressure and is associated with a higher risk for cardiovascular disease such as heart disease and stroke.

In many countries, sodium intake exceeds the amount recommended by major health organisations such as the WHO. Study participants using a salt substitute containing potassium chloride showed significantly lower rates of stroke, major adverse cardiovascular events and death. 

Why sub4salt® is better

What are the advantages of sub4salt®?

Conventional reduction systems present several drawbacks.

Pure potassium chloride tastes bitter and metallic and needs to be handled with care by patients with kidney dysfunction. Yeast extracts or monosodium glutamate as flavor enhancers must be labelled as such in many countries and taste more brothy and meaty, respectively. Jungbunzlauer’s sub4salt® offers five main advantages:

  • Sodium reduction up to 50% without compromising taste
  • Easy handling - 1:1 replacement of salt
  • Usable in all food applications
  • Different granulations
  • Dedicated curing types for the meat industry 

Explore our tasty recipes!

Cutting sodium easily – and deliciously

sub4salt® looks, tastes and behaves like regular salt, and it is easy to use.

sub4salt® creates flavourful food offerings ranging from baked goods, dairy products, snacks, meats, fish and a variety of convenience foods. Discover our recipe cards for suggestions of delicious dishes.

What about legal aspects?

Complying with international regulations

  • sub4salt® consists only of permitted ingredients according to the European food and food additive regulations.

  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has affirmed as GRAS sodium chloride and potassium chloride. Sodium gluconate is affirmed as generally recognised as safe (GRAS) and permitted for use in food as sequestrant or nutrient supplement.

  • It is safe under the conditions of its intended use. However, it may be allowed only in certain applications and not in all countries, therefore, please get in contact for further legal advice.

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